Sofy sanitary pad is a unique pad that was created with the purpose of providing a perfect blend of softness, slimness and comfort while serving as protection for women.



Sofy is manufactured under the most hygenic health conditions making it one of the safest sanitary products to use.


Our pads use wings technology to provide comfortable full coverage


It’s mini and you can carry it anywhere for extra protection.

No Allergy

Our products are well tested and have been approved by National regulatory bodies including NAFDAC. Sofy is 100% compatible for all ladies and causes no health issues or irritation by its use.


Sofy sanitary pad is uniquely slim and its shape can fit into any panty liner without the feeling of bulkiness or compactness.

Sofy Comes In Three

Sofy Day

Sofy Night

Sofy Day & Night

Available in Stores

Sofy Convenient Pack.

Contains 2 pads.

Can fit easily into your purse or pocket

Health Tips for Ladies