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And2The MyCycle menstrual cycle app is the easiest way to track and calculate your period cycle. We know menstrual cycles can vary from woman to woman and to make the prediction smarter, MyCycle has built in menstrual cycle tracker technology that improves the accuracy of predictions as you log more dates into your calendar.

It offers you the ability to update and edit dates with your actual period dates. MyCycle predictions kick starts from the first entry on your calendar log to predict your next period, it gets even more intelligent over time in predicting your period cycles as more dates are logged.

It features a menstrual cycle calendar to log, provide an estimated date of period start and end date, your possible fertility and ovulation dates. It can also be used as a diary to log moods and symptoms. It sends you a discreet notification of your coming period.

The MyCycle menstrual cycle app is design to work offline, so you are able to use your MyCycle app anytime and anywhere.

We take privacy very seriously so no personal data is collected from using the MyCycle menstrual cycle app.

Key Features:

  • Period calendar log
  • Menstrual cycle tracker
  • Ovulation days prediction
  • Log moods and symptoms
  • Mood diary
  • Notification
  • Designed for offline use

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